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What is it all about?

Our founding belief is:

We are here to help with improving an individuals health without endless prescriptions of medications that just mask the symptoms and do nothing to fix the route cause.  If you have tried other things that havent worked then give us a shot.

Emotional Health

Sometimes if we are not in a good place emotionally it can effect everything else, including referred pain anywhere in the body.


A system of hands on healing originated in Japan, that can litterally fix anything.


Most of our modern illness are self inflicted, or more acurately caused by the rubbish that we put into our body.  Our Nutritionist can help with anything food related, including weight loss.

Personal Training

A hands on approach of motivation using a Personal Trainer to guide you though your weight loss, muscle gain or health journey.

Mind Health

Using modern techniques and counselling, if needed we can help you deal with issues that are getting you down, or even damaging your health.

Sports Massage Injury Rehab

Using methods including trigger point massage, BodyMap and kinesiology there arent many injuries that we can’t help with.  Fix issues or greatly reduce the healing time.

Hours & Info

Mon-Fri 0600-2000
Sat 0800-1200